Item 105814 - Mourning dress, ca. 1878

Item 105814 - Mourning dress, ca. 1878
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Item 105814
Mourning dress, ca. 1878
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An example of Victorian mourning attire, this black silk faille two -piece dress features seventeen velvet buttons. The velvet covered buttons were likely once black, but have since faded to dark blue. The tight-fitting bodice has long straight sleeves and high neck with a short stand-up velvet collar. The silk faille ensemble is lined in blue and brown twill weave cotton, and a brown glazed plain weave cotton. Small pleating details are found on the back of the bodice and the skirt.

Both the bodice and skirt shows signs of alteration. The bodice's bust darts were let out at one point. The skirt shows signs of released machine stitching, and evidence that something -perhaps an embellishment- was removed from the back right side, and the side right panel.

While its unclear what was removed from the skirt, adding embellishment to mourning attire was appropriate as one phased out of deeper mourning into later stages of the grieving process. Although, the removal of an embellishment may reflect style updates or personal preference, not always mourning practices.

This ensemble dates from between 1875 and 1880.

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