Item 105674 - Lace two-piece summer dress, ca. 1914

Item 105674 - Lace two-piece summer dress, ca. 1914
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Item 105674
Lace two-piece summer dress, ca. 1914
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This cream-colored two piece dress is an excellent example of period clothing, being ivory in color, with heavy lace overlays, a moderately high neckline, and the bodice's bib-like front panel. Both the blouse (bodice) and skirt are made from a combination of net, lace and embroidery.The underskirt is trimmed with a delicate lace ruffle. An underdress would have been worn under the see-through garment.

Popular during summer months, such dresses were referred to by several names such as lawn dresses, summer dresses, day dresses or simply called "whites." This white summer dress trend started at about the turn of the century, however, the tubular shape of the skirt dates this example after 1910, when the a reformed dress style influenced a more narrow silhouette.

Earlier examples of "whites" might include a modest train or an even higher neckline. This example - with no train and slightly lower neckline - is more on trend for the later years of the style, which remained popular through World War I.

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