Item 105476 - Bright pink petticoat, ca. 1780

Item 105476 - Bright pink petticoat, ca. 1780
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Item 105476
Bright pink petticoat, ca. 1780
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A quilted petticoat of bright pink calamanco (polished wool) with a linsey-woolsey (linen and wool) lining provides an example of quilted skirts worn with, and as part of 18th century and earlier garments. This item may date anytime between 1760 and 1800, even as late as 1850.

Calamanco is a sturdy glazed fabric popular in Britain and America in the 18th and 19th centuries. It was frequently used to make women's petticoats. Producers created the glaze by rubbing the cloth with a stone or by applying egg white or wax to the fabric surface.

Women wore quilted petticoats under short gowns, named because the gowns extended only a short distance below the waist over the petticoat. Sometimes women wore quilted petticoats with round gowns, in which case they were visible at the skirt's front openings.

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