Item 104908 - Governors gather at Poland, 1925

Item 104908 - Governors gather at Poland, 1925
Contributed by Maine Historical Society/MaineToday Media
Item 104908
Governors gather at Poland, 1925
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During the week of June 29 to July 4, 1925, Maine hosted governors from around the nation at the seventeenth annual Governors' Convention. The actual convention was three days long, June 29 to July 1, with the rest of the time used to explore Maine. Portland was only afforded a glimpse of the delegation on June 29, when most of the governors arrived by boat into the harbor. They left Portland later that day to attend the start of the convention at Poland Spring.

Pictured here are fifteen of the 22 governors, lieutenant governors, and former governors who attended the convention. They are standing in front of the Poland Spring House.

From left to right: Former Governor Townsend of Delaware, Governor McMullen of Nebraska, Hamill of Iowa, Jackson of Indiana, Robinson of Delaware, Ross of Wyoming, Brewster of Maine, Trinkle of Virginia, Trapp of Oklahoma, Ritchie of Maryland, Whitfield of Mississippi, McLeod of South Carolina, Martin of Florida, Lieut. Gov. Smith of Rhode Island, and Former Governor Hardee of Florida.

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