Item 102772 - Kidskin boots, ca. 1915

Item 102772 - Kidskin boots, ca. 1915
Contributed by Maine Historical Society
Item 102772
Kidskin boots, ca. 1915
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This pair of boots are fashioned in an iridescent, purple kidskin leather. Thirteen mother-of-pearl buttons adorn each boot. The boots are lined with brown kid and feature a wide 'Louis' heel.

The classic style of the boots is known as a half-boot, fashionable during the Edwardian period, through the 19teens. With the rise in hemlines during the 1920s, the boot fell out of style.

Owned and worn in Maine, the boots were designed and sold by Andrew Alexander, located in New York on 6th and 19th. A coordinating pair of beaded shoes also exist in the collections of Maine Historical Society.

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