Item 102770 - Ruth True's afternoon suit, ca. 1920

Item 102770 - Ruth True's afternoon suit, ca. 1920
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Item 102770
Ruth True's afternoon suit, ca. 1920
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This navy blue, gabardine two-piece suit, which once belong to Mrs. Ruth True of Portland, is reminiscent of World War I fashion. By 1915, women's fashions featured military and wartime influences as seen here in the peplum jacket design. This styling reflects the uniform jackets and skirts worn by women who served in the war effort.

The back of the fashionable, peplum style jacket features an elaborate, high quality, braided detailing. Originally, the suit skirt was likely flared and above-ankle in length. The suit is lined in silk. The white collar (blouse), shown, is not original to the suit.

By 1919-1920, wartime flared skirts made way for the incoming slimmer skirt styles. This skirt was probably altered into the new straight style. Evidence of such alterations include a significantly altered, but not finished off, waistline. Despite the alterations, the suit dates from the period between 1916 and 1920.

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