Item 101495 - "Winthrop Tower," ca. 1910

Item 101495 - "Winthrop Tower," ca. 1910
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Item 101495
"Winthrop Tower," ca. 1910
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A hilltop tower set with chairs and flying an American flag, "Winthrop Tower" is possibly in the Waterville area.

A cow in the forefront of what might be be farm outbuildings indicates the tower could have been a lookout or fire tower at a farm.

Robert Henry Gay took this photograph. He grew up in Biddeford, and spent summers at his family homestead on Pool Road. He spent the rest of the year in Waterville for most of his life, working as a watch repairman.

Gay's photographs were a side business, as well as a hobby. He took portraits of people and places, many of which he turned into postcards for sale.

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