Item 86782 - Berry Block, Rockland, ca. 1875

Item 86782 - Berry Block, Rockland, ca. 1875
Contributed by Rockland Historical Society
Item 86782
Berry Block, Rockland, ca. 1875
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This stereo view shows the large, three-story, brick Berry Block at 404-420 Main Street in Rockland, ca. 1875.

At the right edge of the building is Limerock Street and further down Main Street is the steeple of the First Baptist Church.

The first half of the Berry Block was constructed in 1853 following a major fire. One year later, in 1854, it was expanded to include 412-420.

The first floor contains Ephraim Barrett Dry Goods, Edward R. Spear Books and Stationery, a clothing store, and two telegraph offices.

The two-story, wooden building, partially visible on the left is the Spofford Block. It was rebuilt after the fire of 1853. It contains the millinery shop of Julia Freeman & Co. on the first floor.

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