Item 80912 - Crane Home, Monson, ca. 1915

Item 80912 - Crane Home, Monson, ca. 1915
Contributed by Monson Historical Society
Item 80912
Crane Home, Monson, ca. 1915
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This home was built on South Main Street in Monson by Albert Whitney Chapin for his bride, Henrietta. Chapin was the son of Aretas and grandson of Capt. Amasa Chapin, both of whom were early settlers of Monson.

Chapin served in the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery during the Civil War and was severely wounded at Petersburg. Upon returning from the war he became a prominent business man, largely dealing in real estate and developing the slate industry. He also served in the State Senate and was Postmaster in Monson in 1887 and 1893. Upon his death March 24, 1914 the property was purchased by Fred Crane, Superintendent of the Monson Maine Slate Company. In 1972 it was remodeled and served as Brown's Nursing Home until the 1980's. As of 2013, it is no longer occupied.

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