Item 74601 - Cote farm search, Gorham, 1924

Item 74601 - Cote farm search, Gorham, 1924
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Item 74601
Cote farm search, Gorham, 1924
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Law enforcement officials search the ground of the Cote farm in Gorham in relation to a murder case and earlier disappearance.

Charles H. Fielding was sentenced to life in jail for the 1924 murder of Alphonso Cote, the second husband of Lottie Cote

Her first husband, William Sandborn, had gone missing 14 years earlier. Police decided to further investigate Sandborn's disappearance in light of the recent murder.

They found nothing when they searched the farm grounds.

Lottie Cote gave mixed explanations as to why William Sandborn left her and her children. She told police that Sandborn had forged notes in her name, and ran away to avoid repercussions.

However, Sandborn's brother received a letter from Lottie explaining that Sandborn had been sent away to a Tennessee prison. The prison had no record of Sandborn.

Lottie also told friends that Sandborn went to a show in Portland and never returned.

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