Item 33933 - Library mortgage burning, Lubec, 1965

Item 33933 - Library mortgage burning, Lubec, 1965
Contributed by Lubec Historical Society
Item 33933
Library mortgage burning, Lubec, 1965
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During the latter half of the 20th century this building on School Street, once Grace Morgan's Dew Drop Inn tea room, housed the public library in Lubec. The mortgage paid off, the ceremony pictured here took place. The building visible to the extreme left was the old Lubec post office. It burned in December, 1965, and its location became the site of Lubec Memorial Library in 2000. The building in this photograph was moved to North Lubec Road adjacent to the Grange building, where it still stands as of 2010.

The man in front on the left is Alden O’Brien, manager of Bar Harbor Bank & Trust. The man on the right is Harry Fitzhenry, manager of the American Can Company. Leftmost is Elizabeth Small. The third person from the right is Leona MacBride. Fourth from the right is Ursula Godfrey Danforth. Fifth from the right is Radcliffe Pike. The woman on the left side of the doorstep is Dora Unobsky Miller, the boy in front her son Markum, and the man to the left is her husband Isadore. The woman in the door of the library is probably Arlene Tyler Dinsmore. Dorothy Cook Kelley Gaspar, Cad Kelley’s widow, has been identified as either the second person from the left or second from the right.

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