Item 31060 - Lobster Trap Branding Iron, 1961

Item 31060 - Lobster Trap Branding Iron, 1961
Contributed by Scarborough Historical Society & Museum
Item 31060
Lobster Trap Branding Iron, 1961
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This lobster trap branding iron was in use in 1961.

In Maine, every lobstermen has his own license number from the state which is on the bottom of the branding iron. In 1961, every licensed lobstering family had a fifty gallon fire barrel at the back of their house. This barrel became used as an outdoor means for burning such items as paper and wood. The top was open and a vent hole was made about half way down. The lobstermen used the vent to heat the branding iron. The intense heat would allow the lobstermen to brand ten to fifteen traps at one time. The lobstermen could feel the heat about half way up the handle so didn't need to worry about burning himself.

On the bottom of the trap where the parlor bumper is located is where the trap was branded.This method of branding is still in use today for any wooden traps.

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