Item 25094 - Lowell's Corner, Lewiston, ca. 1910

Item 25094 - Lowell's Corner, Lewiston, ca. 1910
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Item 25094
Lowell's Corner, Lewiston, ca. 1910
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A postcard labeled as Haymarket Square in Lewiston probably is Lowell's Corner, known as Hospital Square after Central Maine General Hospital was built.

It is on Main Street between Sabattus and Bates streets.

On the back of the card is written, from Annie E. Turner to Miss Alice Bartlett of Natick, Massachusetts, on December 23, 1910, "Now my dear girlie, do be careful or I shall have to come up there soon and pick up the pieces. Yes, indeed, I have been transposed from "the land of narrow streets" to the "room of narrow aisles" and now "wet wooly oders" is right in that room. Comprendez-vous? Here's to a very merry Christmas to you and another ?? from that German officers ... also a very happy New Year. Lovingly, Annie E. Turner P.S. My mother has put a duty on handkerchiefs as I have to use ten a day. Have had a real red down east cold for six weeks. Would sell it cheap or even give it away."

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