Item 24966 - Daniel A. Gilman Homestead, Presque Isle, 1896

Item 24966 - Daniel A. Gilman Homestead, Presque Isle, 1896
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Item 24966
Daniel A. Gilman Homestead, Presque Isle, 1896
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Daniel A. Gilman's home was typical of farm construction in Aroostook County, with connected buildings. This photograph probably was taken by a professional photographer since home photography or "snapshot" technology was not available yet.

The picture shows that there was a lot of of preparation for the photograph. All the ladies were dressed up and their hair was slicked back. The two little girls wore fancy dresses. The doll in the arms of little girl on the right, Esther Gilman Hews (1891-1984), still exists today in the home of Ed Hews, her son, in Presque Isle. Her sister Avis is standing to her right. Avis is proud of her doll and doll carriage.

Mother Bertha (Wight) and Father Daniel Gilman are standing to Avis' right. Bertha is pregnant with Elizabeth. Father Daniel is dressed up with striped pants and top hat.

One of the ladies on the bench to Bertha's right is her mother. Even the the potted plants were set out. They can be seen to the right of the three ladies in front of the window.

The fancy carriage was brought out for the photograph. The family was probably very proud of such a nice piece of equipment and the two beautiful horses. Notice the two lanterns on the carriage.

The gentlemen standing and sitting on the porch probably were hired hands.

Notice the rain barrel beside the porch - a standard way for collecting water at the time.

The house is still standing, as of 2012, on the Easton Road from Presque Isle - about a mile from the Easton town line. The barn and out buildings are gone.

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