Item 10448 - Train wreck, Squa Pan, 1945

Item 10448 - Train wreck, Squa Pan, 1945
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Item 10448
Train wreck, Squa Pan, 1945
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Wreck of Bangor and Aroostook steam engines 181 and 400 on April 4, 1945.

The Bangor Daily reported that,
" the Washburn cut-off a mile north of here (Squa Pan) overturned one locomotive, damaged another, set afire a caboose and refrigerator car, damaged seven other freight cars, and forced engine crewmen to leap for their lives.

"The accident occurred as one of two southbound freight trains standing near Squa Pan station, was struck from the rear by a third, 110-car double header (two engines, 400 & 181) freight, piling up the caboose and freight cars of the standing train and buckling the locomotive and tender."

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