Item 101697 - Gin recipe, ca. 1925

Item 101697 - Gin recipe, ca. 1925
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Item 101697
Gin recipe, ca. 1925
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This prohibition-era recipe provides instruction to create one quart of gin. Using a small pill bottle to mix the flavor concoction, it is then added to one pint of water and one pint of “alky”- an abbreviation for alkalinity or alkaline. In this case, “alky” is likely lye or a similar compound intended to reduce acid and increase potency.

Lye is a corrosive and can be found in industrial cleaners. However, food-grade lye is used for curing foods and reducing bitterness. Considering the recipe is for an alcoholic beverage during the period of federal prohibition, it is assumed a more potent lye mixture is required.

This recipe is attributed to Capt. Sherwood Picking, U.S.N., of Falmouth, Maine. This recipe was among his alcohol making kit. Many recipes within the kit are stained from various ingredients.

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