Item 80757 - Mount Kineo House

Item 80757 - Mount Kineo House
Contributed by Moosehead Historical Society
Item 80757
Mount Kineo House
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This postcard is of the "New" Mt. Kineo House on Moosehead Lake. This building was renovated and opened in 1912 as one of the largest of all inland-water hotels in the country. The dining room had seating over four hundred people.

The first Mt. Kineo House was built on the shores of Moosehead Lake in 1848, but burned in 1868. Rebuilt in 1870 and opened in 1871, the second Mt. Kineo House burned in 1882. Designed by Arthur H. Vinal, the third Mt. Kineo House opened in 1884. It was bought my Maine Central Railroad in 1911 and operated by Hiram Ricker Hotel Company thereafter. It offered the latest innovations including steam heat during the colder months, electric and gas lighting, as well as hot and cold water. The 1930s and World War II took their toll on the hotel and there were several offers by businessmen to purchase the property from the railroad company with the provision that the hotel be torn down. The hotel burned during demolition. As of 2013 little is left of what was the Mt. Kineo House, though the Oak Lodge has been restored and operates as a bed and breakfast.

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